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Quality Legal Assistance for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In these unpredictable times, it’s all too easy to find yourself struggling to pay your bills. You fall behind on a payment or two here and there, and soon you find that you are struggling. Even with a regular income, you don’t seem to have enough to meet the payment requirements on your debts.
Especially if you are behind on your mortgage payment, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy might be a good option for you.
Bankruptcy Service

Create a Repayment Plan That Works

With Chapter 13, your debts won’t necessarily be discharged. Instead, attorney Bartlow will help you create a repayment plan that will allow you to pay off some, or all, of your debts without losing any property. Depending on your income, this debt reorganization will last from between three to five years. During that time, you will make your payments, and then whatever debt that remains at the end of the term will be discharged.
Chapter 13 offers a chance to save your home from foreclosure. You have the protection of the bankruptcy court during the period in which you repay your debts. Creditors are not allowed to seek to collect their claims from co-debtors.

Careful Attention to Your Debt Issues

At the office of Elizabeth A. Bartlow Attorney At Law, we understand this is a difficult time for you. From your first free no pressure consultation, through to your last repayment installment, attorney Bartlow will give you the attention and care you deserve. No matter how difficult things might seem, you have options. Let her explore them with you.
  • Consolidated payments
  • Lower payments
  • Stop collections
You might not qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Attorney Bartlow might be able to help you file Chapter 7. Call today and she will help you decide the best course of action for your situation.
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